Leading Numeracy

This year I have been attending the Bastow Leading Numeracy Course. The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership is a Victorian Government iniative that runs a variety of professional learning opportunities to prepare the next generation of educational leaders. Here is a link to their website http://www.bastow.vic.edu.au/Pages/Home.aspx

I chose to apply to attend the Leading Numeracy course as our school has Numeracy as an area of focus- we want to improve the way we plan for and teach numeracy so we improve our students learning outcomes in this area. A Principal colleague (Lee) at a nearby school also has Numeracy as an area of focus and also applied to attend the course. We plan to have our staff work together over the next few years- to visit each other’s classrooms, to plan together and to give feedback on lessons.

A requirement of the Leading Numeracy Course is to keep a Journal reflecting on the sessions we have attended at Bastow, the professional readings and the associated work we do back in our schools. I am going to record my journal entries here on my blog. I am looking forward to reading comments from other educators who are also working to improve numeracy outcomes in their schools.

To find my Leading Numeracy posts on my blog just click on the ‘Leading Numeracy’ category in the Categories sidebar.


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