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Numeracy at our school.

The focus of our first Leading Numeracy workshop was reviewing current numeracy practices and achievements at our schools. We discussed some student work samples, looking particularly at how the student had solved problems and any misconceptions they had about numerals … Continue reading

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The Cardboard Arcade Challenge.

Earlier in the year I had watched ‘Caine’s Arcade’ on Youtube  you can find it here- I loved the story and loved the idea of children building things out of boxes, just like I used to do back in the day. … Continue reading

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Genius Hour is genius!

Finally I have found the time to write about my first Genius Hour experience- it was excellent! My students were totally engaged, so was I. It was so exciting to see them all absorbed by the work they had chosen … Continue reading

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Is Genius Hour a way to get into Rhizomatic Learning?

Of all the many different ideas, skills and tech that the Etmooc course has introduced me to, rhizomatic learning is the one that I have been thinking about- often. I had no idea rhizomatic learning even existed until we started … Continue reading

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Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I was very excited to sign up for etmooc and totally unprepared for how reluctant I was to post anything online. I set my blog up fully expecting that I would have my intro done in no time and being … Continue reading

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At last! I have uploaded my introduction.

My introduction from Carolyn on Vimeo. I bet you were all wondering if I was ever going to do an introduction, actually, I was too! It is very short but not too shabby I think, for a first go. The … Continue reading

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#Etmooc here I come!

Having signed up for #etmooc I have been wondering if I will be able to actually do the tasks and here I am writing my first entry on the blog I just set up! I am very excited about being … Continue reading

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