Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I was very excited to sign up for etmooc and totally unprepared for how reluctant I was to post anything online. I set my blog up fully expecting that I would have my intro done in no time and being adding to it regularly. NOT!
Turns out I was completely overwhelmed by everything, as were many other etmooc-ers. I have been following along- participating in twitterchats, Blackboard Collaborate sessions and am slowly getting around to watching the sessions I have missed but just could not bring myself to actually post anything on my blog.
Then today I gave myself a good talking to- “You signed up for etmooc knowing it was going to be challenging and you were going to be out of your comfort zone, so, what are you complaining about?!” You know what, I was right. I had known I was going to be learning lots of news things and that the most important part of all was to be part of the etmooc community conversations.
So, here I am, now getting active on my blog. I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

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2 Responses to Feel the fear and do it anyway.

  1. Deidre Wilson says:

    Totally hear you and I am in the same place. Thanks for the reminder it’s suppose to be hard ..that’s what we signed up for. I am sure like me you haven’t stop thinking, talking about and exploring the topics since the adventure started. I think we all make our learning visible in different ways..blogging is just one way.

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